The protection you need now.The intelligence you need next.

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Our foresight powers your safety

HALO is a complete safety solution, using innovation to stay ahead of threat and reduce risk. Lives and businesses are better safeguarded by more advanced camera tech on the ground, and more intelligent asset management in the cloud.

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Halo cams

One-touch operation, full customization and auto-upload to the cloud gives wearers the time and confidence to do their job more effectively. Our unique subscription model maximizes technology budgets, allowing wider deployment, greater efficiency, productivity and more lives protected.

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Halo Dams

The world’s most intelligent cloud-based digital asset management system receives and files data automatically, reducing logging time and error, while familiar drag and drop interface minimizes training requirements. Continual improvement future-proofs our partnership with customers.

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When budget goes further, protection goes wider.

Our unique subscription model means customers can deploy the optimum number of devices without impacting their cash flow. It makes budgets go further and that means no blind spots or weak points in your security coverage.

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Stay safe

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Intelligence the world needs to stay safe

HALO Technologies is the world’s leading fixed-cost body cam and cloud based digital asset management service. Continual innovation based on close customer partnership drives our business model. We are what is required now, but we are also what will be required next to protect all our worlds.

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