Whether its private security, event security or retail, harness HALO to heighten your workforce’s well-being in the workplace.

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A Safer Security Solution

HALO’s selection of systematic solutions works to provide security firms with a smarter and more effective collection of tools for managing incidents and de-escalation. These unobtrusive devices deliver a multitude of advantages, including heightened accountability, transparency, and efficiency, in addition to supplying valuable evidence during crucial scenarios.

Strength in depth

Multi-use Device,
Multi-use Solution

Our comprehensive solution has been instrumental in various settings, ranging from businesses serving clients like at major convenience stores and fast-food restaurants to ensuring security at some of the top amusement parks in the United States. It goes beyond just frontline protection and has proven valuable in legal matters and as evidence of work, facilitating conflict resolution.

Transformative Features for the SECURITY Sector

Safety and De-escalation

Body cams are a proven tool for the de-escalation of events, ensuring safety for the holder and the public.

Securely Manage your Evidence

Ensure your security team is able to capture quality first-hand evidence with our HALO Horizon Series BodyCam.

Monitoring and TransparENCY

Allowing full recording transparency with indisputable incident documentation.

Live Stream Capabilities

HALOs live stream feature that goes from CAMS to DAMS to you.

Managing and Sharing Data

Providing the world’s most advanced cloud-based management system with seamless upload from CAMS to DAMS.

Modernizing Security Practices

Our digital asset management platform provides features such as Auto sync, semantic search, and unlimited storage.

Security solutions

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HALO Horizon
Body Cam

Next generation technology built for the demands of frontline security and public safety.

A police officer in the street


One of the world’s most advanced Digital Asset Management Systems. Upload Body Camera footage, CCTV and more.

When budget goes further, protection goes wider.

Our unique subscription model means customers can deploy the optimum number of devices without impacting their cash flow. It makes budgets go further and that means no blind spots or weak points in your security coverage.

Fixed costs

Data usage & storage costs included

Stay Future-proofed

Keeping you with the latest models

Simple setup

Hardware, Software & Cloud storage

Free support

In-country set up & support


Full-term product warranty

Affordable monthly charges

No surprise bills or fees

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