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Data management & storage included

No hidden cost

Static guard & event security

Maintaining order is an integral part of personnel and event safety and security. Although the appearance of security guards can deter some criminal offenders by appearance alone, many highly skilled frontline security officers across the world are adopting Body Cameras to provide an innovative and flexible approach to event security. Capturing first-hand evidence, improving cooperation with law enforcement and assisting prosecutions quickly and efficiently makes body-worn technology a crucial tool in the war against crime.

Static guard & event security

Data storage & management included as standard

Forget costly data management and storage problems faced by security teams across North America. We offer a fixed-cost-model that ensures that your organization avoids any surprises. Our solution remains affordable throughout, with no hidden charges.

  • Full-term product warranty

  • Free setup & 24/7 support

Data storage & management included as standard

Simple & secure digital asset management

HALO Vault integrates any kind of digital evidence captured by your security team or by-stander on any device.

Evidence captured on a range of modern devices including Body Cameras, CCTV, smartphones and dashcams, seamlessly integrate into our secure cloud-based environment.

  • Cross integrate digital media assets

  • Simple and secure asset management

  • Fixed cost data management and storage

asset management software

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