Contract with zero upfront cost

HALO has reshaped how we think about Body Worn Technology - both from a performance & price perspective. The onboarding process has been seamless & HALO's passion for customer service is peerless.

Martinez PD, California

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Contract with zero upfront cost

16-hour continuous record

Waterproof - IP68 certified

Starlight lens technology

Free setup and in- country support

Fixed-cost data usage and storage

Fast charge

Cutting-edge technology in your hands

The world’s leading fixed-cost Body Cam provider, allowing you to stay connected anywhere with real-time GPS tracking and live stream capabilities.

With full-term product warranty and seamless integration through our world-leading Halo Vault software, we give you access to evidence instantly and much much more…

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Cutting-edge technology in your hands

Key features

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Halo Hybrid Multi-dock

Innovative fast- charge technology.

The optimal combination of customisation and ease of use, providing our customers with a BWV solution that not only self charges but offloads and uploads video evidence automatically.

We are the only provider globally offering you a choice with one cost-effective solution. Just ‘Dock & Go’. Halo will take care of the rest.

  • Quick charge

  • Super-fast video evidence upload

  • Magnetic self-locating charge base*

  • ‘Dock & Go’ - No need for cables

  • Includes 230V 50Hz power supply unit

*Every Halo Horizon Series BodyCam is supplied with a single charging dock.

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Shopping Mall & Retail Security

Invest in new Body Cam technology to protect premises

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Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Gather evidence, create cases & reduce paperwork


Public Transit & Event Security

Reform public transit and event security with HALO


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