Included as standard: Data management & storage

Yes, we’re here to solve the costly data management & storage problems faced by Law Enforcement agencies and the wider security industry across North America.

The future of DAMS at your finger tips

The adoption of modern technologies and ever increasing costs associated with BWV data storage has created a need for one central repository to store a broad range of digital evidence, that’s affordable to organizations of all sizes.

Halo Vault: DAMS is our cloud based digital asset management software providing Law Enforcement with a more efficient work and investigative experience to support a fair and effective justice system. Storing Body Camera footage, CCTV, smartphone footage and more…

... the HALO Vault back-end software is very user friendly.

Martinez PD, California

Safe, secure & mobile

  • Cloud or hybrid based
    Media can be viewed on any device or modern browse
  • Build one case in one place
    Ingest a wide range of digital media types including cell phone footage
  • Tiered access
    All video access is audited with usernames, times and actions
  • Secure Central Storage
    Safely review, stream and share evidence
  • Mark footage
    Easily mark and identify evidential video and media files
  • Auto-Delete
    Non-evidential files can auto-delete after a configurable period of time
    Video clips and other media can be redacted
    Share videos including metadata with external users securely and safely
  • Download
    Play and download videos from the sharing portal - at no extra cost

Build one case in one place

  • Ingest all digital media types

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Fixed data usage and storage costs

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