Included as standard: Data management & storage

Yes, we’re here to solve the costly data management & storage problems faced by Law Enforcement agencies and the wider security industry across North America.

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Included as standard: Data management & storage

The future of DAMS at your finger tips

The adoption of modern technologies and ever increasing costs associated with BWV data storage has created a need for one central repository to store a broad range of digital evidence, that’s affordable to organizations of all sizes.

Halo Vault: DAMS is our cloud based digital asset management software providing Law Enforcement with a more efficient work and investigative experience to support a fair and effective justice system. Storing Body Camera footage, CCTV, smartphone footage and more…

... the HALO Vault back-end software is very user friendly.

Martinez PD, California

The future of DAMS at your finger tips
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  • Ingest all digital media types

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Fixed data usage and storage costs

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