Capture full situational awareness

Automatically pairing to any HALO Horizon BodyCam within a 30 feet radius. The HALO Aware device activates all connected HALO Horizon Body Cameras within a 30-foot radius into record mode; once a police officer draws their firearm, baton or taser. HALO’s geo-fencing technology triggers supporting officers Body Cameras as they arrive on the scene to capture a chained series of BodyCam footage, providing complete situational awareness.

The long-lasting battery and one-month standby time allow for back to back shifts as the HALO Aware remains on standby until activated by drawing a firearm, baton or taser device. Recharging in 1.5 hours via the USB Type-C fast-charge port, allows officers to focus on what really matters, getting back to serving communities in less time.

Capture full situational awareness
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