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How body cameras provide peace of mind in private security.

April 16, 2024

How body cameras provide peace of mind in private security.

If you lead a private security services firm, you’re in the business of protecting your people -- your customers, staff, and the general public. Everybody you work with, ultimately, wants peace of mind.

Peace of mind in private security

Use a modern body cam solution to give your people peace of mind.

William Marcisz, a leading strategic security management consultant, recently summed up the advantages of body-worn cameras:

“A body camera is not only a source of truth, mitigates liability, it’s a de-escalation tool and a behavior modification tool.”

For your staff, there are three benefits.

The first is deterrence. Research shows that providing security guards with a body cam helps them provide more effective deterrence, de-escalation, and protection.

“Security guards…deter offenders. They prevent crime but also increase detection of new crimes.” Lowering the threshold of effective deterrence. Ariel, Bland, and Sutherland.

Second, reduce: “you said, he said.” Body cams help you avoid ambiguous situations and debates about evidence. Shield your people from unwarranted allegations with one source of the truth. And store unbiased video and audio records in one central, secure, and searchable place.

The third is training. Use body cameras to train your staff in real-life situations specific to different industries. For example, you might want to train in de-escalation skills for live events and handling shoplifters in retail.

For your customers, you can reinforce your peace-of-mind proposition that you protect their people, property, and assets with security technology they can rely on.

For the general public, you can give them confidence that they are safe, protected, and can trust your transparent approach.

Finally, body cams safeguard your private security business against baseless legal claims and mitigate liability with better training, clear evidence, and proof of meeting insurance policy terms and conditions.

Modernize your security technology

Deploying a body cam solution is the first step and the foundation for modernizing your security technology.

Body cams not only deter threatening behavior and gather evidence but also give customers peace of mind that they’re protected and reassure staff they’re safe. Also, body cameras maximize the protection value of the boots-on-the-ground security guards.

Peace of mind at a modest price

Learn how a monthly subscription to HALO gives you a complete body cam solution that provides all the hardware, software, and services you need. Give all your people peace of mind.

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