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A private security firm's "only regret" about body-worn cameras.

April 25, 2024

A private security firm's "only regret" about body-worn cameras.

Our Las Vegas customer -- who guards dozens of convenience stores -- told us their "only regret" about deploying the HALO body camera solution. False allegations and groundless complaints

Before HALO's body cams, our customer had to deal with excessive customer service and security complaints. In addition, they had to handle multiple frivolous demands for monetary damages.

After investigation, many of these allegations proved false and the complaints groundless.

Wasted investigations and tarnished trust

Every complaint has to be thoroughly investigated with several time-consuming tasks.

First, the private security firm has to pull a manager out of operations work to lead the investigation. Second, customer, client, and security officer statements must be gathered. Third, the challenge of determining what happened. Customers and clients can suffer from biases. Also, the difficulty of getting guards who work long, unsocial hours to articulate what happened in an incident. Finally, the manager has to collate and write a report on the incident and its investigation.

Further, allegations and complaints can tarnish the client's trust in the services provided by this private security firm. As our customer says, there is a spectrum for how these incidents could affect their client's trust. At one end, incidents can cause tension in the relationship. At the other end, they may compromise the entire contract or even lose the client.

An "unbiased witness"

Our customer views HALO's body-cam solution as serving as "an unbiased witness." The combination of auto-uploaded video footage from the cameras to our cloud-based storage product, The Vault, means there's a single, secure source of the truth.

Our customer has achieved such significant financial savings from deploying the body cameras that they now treat them as more like insurance than an expense. The single, monthly HALO subscription that includes all the hardware, software, and services needed made it easy to get started and fast to deploy.

With the HALO body cam solution, our customer has seen a 90% reduction in complaints, and the time taken to carry out an investigation is 25% of what it was before body cams.

Within 24 hours of deployment, an individual was spotted lighting a building on fire. Using footage from a HALO body cam led to a police arrest.

Our customer saw other benefits from the body cameras, too. These include their deterrence value and using video footage to accelerate the training of their guards.

Their "only regret"

Our customer's only regret "was not to have it sooner."